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Walk Through Nativity

Christians Together Fleet and Church Crookham Community Project

 I was part of a team from all the churches across Fleet and Church Crookham in Hampshire that created a  "walk through nativity"  for the Fleet Christmas Festival. 

I created 4 scenes that were then used as backdrops, in front of which the Christmas story was interactively played out interactively for the public. People from the local churches were then asked to join a work party that painted the scenery. 

Invitations were sent out to the children in the local schools to come to the Walk Through Nativity at the 2019 Fleet Christmas Festival.  This is a town-wide festival that  involves business and organisations from the local area.

 Many hundreds of children and their families came to the event which was manned by people from all the local churches. 


Walk Through Nativity: Project
Walk Through Nativity: Pro Gallery
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