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Flame Paperchain Curtain

 4 m wide, 7m high with 4356 paper chain links, this was a truly collaborative project and a huge amount of fun to make.  The installation was made for the Church on the Heath,  Fleet in 2019, to celebrate the world-wide prayer event known as Thy Kingdom Come which culminates in Pentecost. 

To make this enormous installation, I worked with Pip Yeneralski, a local artist, and Rosie Butler who heads up the Church's prayer team: together we make up the Church's creativity team.  This was an organic, workshopped project and no one person is completely responsible for the project.  With a mixture of logic and creativity I was able to transform a doodle I made in the back of my notebook into a colour coded grid pattern design that we then translated into the paper chain curtain of flame. Armed with glue sticks, two guillotines, and 1452 sheets of coloured paper, we created the curtain in situ, encouraging members of the congregation to join us in making the chains.  

The end result was this amazing curtain that rustled and moved in the breeze and gave the impression of a flickering flame.

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