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Advent Calendar

Telling the Christmas story

This was a fabulous project to make.In 2019, I was asked to create 24 pictures  to tell the story of Christmas to be installed in a large, wall-sized advent calendar for the Church on the Heath (COTH) in Fleet, Hampshire. I drew on the biblical birth narratives and the traditional retellings of the Christmas stories that form the backbone of school nativity plays the world over.  The pictures had to be simple, accessible illustrations that carried the narrative and that built the story to its climax.

The project was a huge success and the pictures were reused the following Christmas, by the church, during the pandemic, in a large window-based installation that shared the story of Christmas with the wider community. At that time I was also asked to write a simple, suitable explanation for each picture that accompanied them in the installation. 

Both my images and text were also used in the parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow.  With further use of the images in a London based church school's Christmas assembly the same year. 

These images formed part of the  Christmas social media campaigns of parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow and the Church on the Heath, Fleet.

Advent Calendar: Project
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