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A Journey Through Acts Community Collage Installation

Perfect Execution

This installation was created for Church on the Heath, Fleet, for their summer church programme in  2019.    The brief was to create images  for six events taken from the Book of Acts, that the church community, both adults and children, would then decorate and complete using a variety of  mixed media techniques, including collage and painting.  (This installation was done on a tight budget and so paper and collage and art materials needed to be used.) 

The events from the book of Acts were chosen by the minster.  I was able to create a number of strong characters who reappeared in several scenes.  I really enjoy sequential story telling, so this was right up my street! 

 One of the beautiful things about a community project is doing your part and then letting it go and coming back to see what the community has made of it.  I love doing this.  It is an artistic equivalent of loving with an open hand.  I was so excited to see how the community had enhanced my basic work and added the smaller versions of each picture that I had provided as colouring sheets.  The overall impact was bright, colourful , with strong story-telling.  The piece remained on the wall for several months.

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