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Quirky Cottages

Inspired by the rows of ice-cream coloured cottages in winding streets of Appledore in Devon, but relocated to a country-side setting, these cottages were originally drawn as part of a reflection on the word DWELL.

Draw near and Delight

Wait on God

Expect God to do amazing things

Live your life to honour God

Listen to him.

Each picture is inspired by a  Bible verse that is reflected in each line of the acrositc above.

But, they have gone on to have a life beyond this original reflection.  They are cutesy, quirky cottages that remind people of times gone by and a slower place of life, of wide open spaces and summer holidays in the country-side. 

These pictures are also potentially going to be used in a homeless housing project scheme. (More information to follow)

Dwell: Project
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