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Song Illustration

Representing a lyric

This was the first assignment for the illustration course.  We had to draw an illustration of a song lyric (not necessarily the whole song.  I chose to draw the Simon and Garfunkel lyric "Old friends sitting on a park bench like bookends" in an ethereal way, with washed out digital watercolours.  I then drew a bright, bold illustration for the lyric "I see your true colours shining through", from one of my favourite songs,  by Cyndi Lauper "True Colours" My final illustration was from a Chrisitian worship song, with the line "I raise a Hallelujah"  I later developed this for The Lord's Prayer project I made for the parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow.

Song Illustration: Project
Song Illustration: Illustrations
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