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Sequential Illustration

Telling the story - start to finish

What a fabulous assignment this was.  With sequential story telling you have to let the pictures drive the story-telling.  So for this, my second to last assignment for the course, I was required to create two sequential stories to specific criteria. 

For the first one, which I called 'A Christmas Camel' the dialogue and desert setting were supplied but, translating that into the story  was left completely to my discretion.  As it was Christmas time when I started it, I chose to go with a twist on the Christmas story.  

The second story, which I set like a graphic novel, could be any story  but the final piece could only go over one page.  I have included my initial two page setting and the final one page submission here.  Due to the resolution of the images on my website, it will not be possible to read the dialogue completely.  You will notice, if you have seen my puppet collaboration that I reused some characters from that in 'The Hood Samaritan'

Sequential Illustration: Featured Work
Sequential Illustration: Pro Gallery
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