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Soar: Interactive Installation

This project started life around my kitchen table.  Pip Yeneralski, my husband, Ross and my brother in law, Mike (who happened to be there) and I met to discuss a new installation for Church on the Heath, Fleet. This was a wonderfully organic and cooperative piece. Pip suggested creating an interactive work with a social media element. Someone else mentioned eagles wings and suddenly our basic project idea was born.

At this time I was deeply involved with my digital scratch art project and I suggested we take artistic inspiration from that. I created the stylised eagle design, using mainly geometric shapes particularly diamonds and I was also responsible for the free-form lettering style.

Once in place, the local community were encouraged to take and if they choose share pictures of themselves which were then put up on the church's brand new Instagram account and in their Facebook group, tagged with #soar. This was a truly inclusive project with many people across the whole spectrum in the community taking their photo in front of the eagle, although not all of them shared these on a public platform. 

Iv’be put stickers over people’s faces to protect their privacy.

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