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Psalm 23

Pictorial and animated reflection

Initially created as part of the noticeboard/sermon/web ministry for the Parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow.  The animated version was offered to Church on the Heath, Fleet and was used in one of their pre-recorded online services in 2020.

Combining a quirky script with illustration, I created a simple reflection inspired by Psalm 23.  As this was a series of pictures, I used a repeating colour palette of blues, greys and greens for the background with splashes of colour, such as red and purple to bring brightness and interest to each image. To demonstrate the universal applicability and timelessness of this psalm,  I put my characters in modern dress and used subtle humour in my illustrations (particularly for verse 5 and 6).

The music in the video is a royalty free track available on iMovie.  (Falls by Keith Kenniff)

Psalm 23: Project
Psalm 23: Pro Gallery
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