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Easter Retelling

Sequential story-telling project

Created for Easter and Holy week 2021, this style of story-telling is something I love to do.  I always do a lot of research for projects like this.  This series of drawings is based on the Biblical accounts of what is now called Holy Week.

Several of the pictures were originally commissioned by the Vicar of All Saints Friern Barnett, for use in a school assembly.   It was then adapted and added to, as part of an Easter Egg installation in the parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harrow. The pictures had to be child-friendly as local schools brought children to see them, whilst also communicating the amazing and beautiful, life-giving story of Easter. 

I also collaborated with the vicar of Elstead to create text to go alongside these images, for the installation.  The text and pictures were then offered to and used in the window installation at church on the Heath, Fleet.

The plan is to turn these images into a picture book telling the story of Easter.  

Easter Retelling: Project
Easter Retelling: Pro Gallery
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