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Emma Phillips

Multimedia Artist

Emma Phillips (BA (English and Education), Graduate Diploma (Kingdom Theology),  Diploma in Illustration) was born in England and raised in South Africa from the age of eight.  She lived and worked all over southern Africa before returning to live in England, in the early 2000s, with her husband and children.  She now lives and works in Fleet as a multimedia artist, illustrator and theologian.

As a multimedia artist, she is comfortable working in a range of media and styles and working to a commission brief.  She finds inspiration in the natural world, people, African art and her faith, creating art that tells stories, reflects a moment or an emotion. she explores a variety of themes, including identity, relationships, spirituality and the natural world.  Emma has long experience teaching art and crafts, speaks on the intersection between art, creativity and faith and leads art reflections.

This website is Emma's online portfolio and and a selection of her work* can be found in the various sections, including her latest collection.  There are original artworks, cards and prints for sale.  If you would like to buy anything or commission a unique piece of art, invite Emma to speak or lead a retreat/reflection, her contact details can be found on the website.  You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to see her latest work and up-to-date news.  Enjoy browsing her work.

*(Please note that all art, images, video and content on this website are copyrighted and may not be screenshot, cropped , manipulated, altered or edited in anyway and may they be used, reproduced or anyway or format, without the artist's express written permission.  The artist also retains all intellectual and image copyright over any original artwork or print that is sold.)

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Exhibition: "True Colours"

October 2022

In 2022 I was invited to exhibit my

 work at a new Arts Festival in Crookham. The exhibition took place in October 2022. I created a collection of mainly new work specifically for the exhibition to explore identity, relationships and the natural world. As a multimedia artist working in a range of styles the collection was a fabulous opportunity to let my imagination roam freely. The collection was inspired by a line from a Cyndi Lauper song, “I see your true colours and that’s why I love you”.  click on the Image gallery to scroll through the pictures and for more details about each one and pricing.

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Selected Portfolio

A small selection of my work

below is a small selection of my work up to 2021. Please visit the Projects, Art Together, True Colours Exhibition and Illustration Course sections of this website and click on the view button for each project to have a more detailed look at my work and to see later work. You can find out more about me by clicking on the About Emma link at the top of the page. If you would like to get in contact, please email me and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All details are at the bottom of the webpage.

Home: Portfolio
photo 14-07-2021, 15 40 01_edited_edited.jpg


Projects & Commissions

Home: Projects
photo 12-07-2021, 15 40 43.png


Form and Wonder

I enjoy birdwatching and drawing birds. I love how, for me, they can also represent something else: a moment, a memory, an idea. It is wonderful to explore their form and colour in a variety of ways.

photo 11-07-2021, 20 51 11.png

Advent Calendar

Telling the Christmas story

In 2019, I was asked to create 24 pictures to tell the story of Christmas to be installed in a large, wall-sized advent calendar for the Church on the Heath (COTH) in Fleet, Hampshire.

photo 10-09-2019, 17 52 22.jpg

The World I See and Imagine

The Natural World and More

I take a huge amount of inspiration from the beauty of the world around me but  I don't always paint exact replicas of reality, instead I often paint stories, feelings, thoughts and ideas into a painting.

photo 14-07-2021, 17 40 29.png

Psalm 23

Pictorial and animated reflection

Initially created as part of the noticeboard/sermon/web ministry for the Parishes of Elstead, Thurslety, Shackleford and Peper Harow.  The animated version was also offered to Church on the Heath, Fleet and was used in one of their pre-recorded online services in 2020.

photo 28-04-2021, 15 29 53.jpg

Psalm 121

Expressive piece

A series of acrylic paintings using abstract forms and figures to explore and reflect on 
Psalm 121

photo 13-07-2021, 16 09 06.jpg

Pictures Speak

Noticeboard ministry: reaching out in a pandemic

During the 2020 pandemic I was asked to create posters as way to communicate with the communities in the Parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow.

photo 15-07-2021, 06 48 06_edited.jpg

Thy Kingdom Come

Web and Noticeboard Installation

This series of images, reflecting on and illustrating the Lord's prayer was commissioned for the parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harrow for the international 11 day prayer event, "Thy Kingdom Come" in May 2020.

photo 14-07-2021, 23 04 59.jpg

Learning to Fly


Using the motif of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, this illustration and animation project is extremely personal to me. It records my experience of the pandemic in 2020.  It also reflects the experience of millions like me, who were told to shield. Unfortunately, this is an experience that has been repeated several times now.

photo 13-07-2021, 16 33 52.png

Easter Retelling

Sequential story-telling project

Created for Easter and Holy week 2021, this style of story-telling is something I love to do.

photo 13-07-2021, 15 47 40.png


Quirky Cottages

Inspired by the rows of ice-cream coloured cottages in the winding streets of Appledore in Devon, but relocated to a country-side setting, these cottages were originally drawn as part of a reflection on the word DWELL

photo 12-07-2021, 14 57 35.png

Inktober 2020

Inspired by a single word

During lockdown 2020 I came across the Inktober movement on Facebook.  It was great fun to practice sketching, mainly in digital format, creating pieces to a high standard and a daily deadline, inspired by a single word.

photo 14-07-2021, 23 19 05.jpg


Inspired by Celtic Christian Spirituality

Created as a series of digital abstract expressionist pieces and a reflective prayer video, each image is inspired by and reflects on a line in from the traditional prayer of St. Patrick's Breastplate.

adoration of the magi.jpg

Our Nativity Story

An Intimate Portrait

One of the things I enjoy doing,  is to tell stories through pictures and to explore feelings and experiences, using colour, figures and shape.  In this series of acrylic paintings,  I use shape, figures and colour to explore the events of the Christmas story, particularly through the experiences of Mary and Joseph

photo 13-07-2021, 16 27 04.png

Generosity Project

Sermon Art Commission

In March 2020, I was asked to illustrate a short story that would be used as part of the sermon on generosity, highlighting the work of the Food Bank, by the local minister, Patrick Butler.

photo 26-05-2019, 12 17 54_edited.jpg

Eco-Church Commission

8m wide window painting installation

Climate care has become an essential topic for discussion, prayer and action in the world and the Christian church.  I was approached by the eco-team at  Church on the Heath, Fleet to create a simple window painting that communicated this to the community.

photo 13-07-2021, 17 03 51.jpg

Ice Cream Van

A "Vehicle Portrait" Commission

Our local ice cream man asked me to make a picture of his van.  There is a huge amount of detail on the van.  I worked from photographs, so that I could get the details right.

photo 14-07-2021, 18 56 15.png

Scratch Art

A trip down memory lane

Inspired by a technique taught to children, but bringing it up to date in a digital format, I created this series of images to be turned into cards and postcards.


Telling the Story

One moment: One Picture: A Whole Story

This piece of art was created as an illustration for a sermon I preached on the woman who anointed the feet of Christ.

photo 22-06-2019, 19 45 06.jpg

Express it!

Making art speak

Sharing feelings, moments and ideas through art and illustration


Nativity Installation 2021

Charming Characters telling a timeless story

This project was about telling the Christmas story by using the characters I had created for the advent calendar in 2019.  I was commissioned by the parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow to create 5 sets.  I worked in collaboration with the vicar and a team of volunteers who helped paint my designs onto the wooden figures.  Each piece was hand-painted. A sixth set was created and installed in Church on the Heath in Fleet.  The figures are reappearing in all 6 places again this year (2022)


World Map Window Installation

Fabulous Two -Hander Collaboration

This massive window installation was created during COP 26 (October 2021) and was in place until late September 2022.

Art Together

Collaborations and Community Projects

photo 25-05-2019, 13 16 43 (1)_edited.jpg


Paperchain Curtain Installation

4 m wide, 7m high with 4356 paper chain links, this was a truly collaborative project and a huge amount of fun to make.  The flame paperchain installation was made for the Church on the Heath,  Fleet in 2019, to celebrate the world-wide prayer event known as Thy Kingdom Come which culminates in Pentecost.

photo 19-09-2019, 20 46 39.jpg


Interactive Installation

Interactive fun for the whole community, who were invited to take selfies in front of the eagle,  this project took it's artistic inspiration from children's 'scratch art'.  The stylised eagle was made for Church on The Heath, Fleet in September 2019 and was in situ for several months.

photo 16-09-2019, 19 17 45.jpg

A Journey through Acts

Church Community Project

This installation was created for Church on the Heath, Fleet, for their summer church programme in  2019One of the beautiful things about a community project is doing your part and then letting it go and coming back to see what the community has made of it.

photo 23-03-2019, 14 41 53_edited.jpg

String Art Cross

Wall Installation

Inspired by that most famous of Bible verses,  John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave is only Son..." this string art piece transforms 1960s craft transformed into a Twenty-First Century art installation. It was installed on The Church on the Heath, Fleet 'Hope Wall' from March until September 2019.

photo 14-07-2021, 17 52 58.jpg

Love is shown by what you do

Puppet film collaboration

I absolutely loved this project. I made this piece with Shirley Eason who heads up the puppet ministry at Church on the Heath. 

Having seen some of my other work, Shirley approached me with a brief create characters, illustrations and animations to act as and a backdrop to interact with the puppets to tell the story of the Good Samaritan.

photo 14-07-2021, 18 44 49_edited.jpg

Mc Leans' Beans

Puppet film collaboration

Having had such a success with our previous collaboration, Shirley Eason approached me with a brief to create illustrations as a backdrop that I then put into a film for the Church on the Heath, Fleet puppets to 'act' in front of.

photo 04-10-2019, 10 59 58.jpg

Walk Through Nativity

Community Project

This project involved many people. I was part of a team from all the churches across Fleet and Church Crookham in Hampshire that created a  "walk through nativity"  for the Fleet Christmas Festival.

photo 26-10-2019, 15 32 40.jpg

Breaking Through


Made with my husband, Ross and inspired by something the church minister Patrick said to the congregation, this collaboration is installed at Church on the Heath, Fleet
Feb/March 2020-present.

Home: Projects

Illustration course

Working to a brief, developing skills

In this section you will find examples of my work from the Illustration course I recently completed at London Art College. Whilst I have taught art and craft in the past, and have my own distinctive style, I welcomed the opportunity to develop my skills, practice working to a brief and being challenged  in new ways.

photo 14-07-2021, 11 03 13.png
photo 14-07-2021, 15 25 59.jpg
photo 14-07-2021, 10 58 03.png

Story book Illustration

Sequential Illustration

Editorial Illustration

photo 14-07-2021, 11 09 56.jpg
photo 14-07-2021, 11 19 27_edited_edited.jpg
photo 14-07-2021, 11 22 58_edited.png

Graphic Design

Poetry Illustration

Song Illustration

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